The idea of ​​being able to portray what surrounded me fascinated me since I when was a child. Photography has thus become a true passion. Initially I was more interested in "photographic technique", but later My interest was more oriented to aspects related to the composition and interpretation of the subject.

At first I devoted myself to travel photography, and later I approached the nature photography that requires long waits, often in uncomfortable conditions, but it returns great satisfactions, especially when something unexpected happens.

Until 2004 I used film equipment, then I went to digital, which, together with Internet, offered me the opportunity to compare my job with other photographers, improve my technique and discover new aspects of photography.
Since 2009 I have been part of the Gruppo Fotografico San Paolo, Rho. In 2016 I was elected President of the association.

Nel 2018 mi sono diplomato all'ACCADEMIA di post produszione di Fotografia Professionale.

I have been a member of national and international contest juries.

In 2012 with the Italian national team I won the WORLD CUP of Nature Photography.

FIAP awarded me the following distinctions for the results achieved in international competitions

AFIAP (Artiste de la Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique) in 2012.

EFIAP (International Excellence FIAP) in 2015

EFIAP/b (International Excellence FIAP Bronze level) in 2017.

EFIAP/s (International Excellence FIAP Silver level) in 2019.